7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing


Just like any other sport, golfing requires you to have a few things for that perfect golfing experience. Most people think that you only need the basics, i.e the golf ball, grips, gloves, tees and so on. Even though you might just go and golf with this basic equipment, you need to tag along some few other convenience items that will make your experience a memorable one. Here are 7 top things every serious golfer must have a remarkable golf experience.

(i) Golf rules book

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

Golf is such a complex sport with very many rules. In almost every golfing session, you may find yourself in a conflicting situation where the rules seem ambiguous and confusing. In such a situation, it is only your rules handbook that might save the situation as either party has their own judgement depending on how they understand the rule. In such cases, a golf rules book will come in handy so you should carry it always just in case.

(ii) Athletic Tape

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

Although we don’t anticipate accidents, it is always good to be prepared and one of the ways of preparedness is having an athletic tape. An athletic tape can come in handy in a number of situations for example when you get a blister or when your grip tears off from the shaft. There are also several other situations that you may need this tape and as the saying goes, you’d rather have it and not need it than need it when you don’t have it.

(iii) Sunscreen

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

The long hours of exposure to the sun can turn out to be a bad idea on a Monday morning when you realize you got roasted. To avoid this, you need to carry some sunscreen just in case the sun gets too hot, it won’t take up much space in your bag.

(iv) Ball mark repair tool

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

Golf balls can take hits that leave them with undesirable marks. This can be quite embarrassing especially if you are running short on balls. With a ball mark repair tool, you can bring back that ball in shape and continue enjoying your good time.

(v) Alignment rod

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

Whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, once you are on the course in a golfing attire, you need to act professionally. It is not all about hitting the balls, try look like a professional golfer with an alignment rod. Alignment rods come in handy when hitting the range. This makes it a great companion when going golfing.

(vi) GPS device

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

Even if you are not a serious golfer, you need to act like one. Get a GPS device or at least a golf rangefinder to help you out when golfing making decision making on distances out of the equation. This device will help you go about your stunts quite easily. You can read more about them at thegolfspy.net/golf-rangefinder-reviews.

(vii) Windbreaker

7 Things You Need To Carry When Going Golfing

Just the same way the weather can get hot, it can also become cold suddenly. On most golf courses, winds blow across and it can be quite a desperation when they are cold winds. Carrying a windbreaker can be helpful as you will put it on and continue golfing comfortably.


With these things, you are sure of one remarkable golfing session. No hassles, no breakdowns. So,when planning your next golfing, make sure you have these items ready and you will definitely be amazed how they will transform the golfing session!

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