Is Pressure Cooker Made Meal Healthy?

Usage of Pressure Cooker and Health

Is Pressure Cooker Made Meal HealthyA lot of people are familiar with the traditional food preparation methods. These involve using the conventional cooking pots and stoves or gas burners to cook meals. Since it’s in the nature of humans to identify with the familiar, there are people who question whether pressure cooking is healthy.

The common and accepted advantage of this type of meal preparation is that it takes less time. A meal that would typically take 6 hours to be ready takes less than an hour using pressure cooking. So, is pressure cooker made meal healthy? These are some of the benefits of cooking your meals using a pressure cooker and you can see this buying guide how to find some good pressure cookers.

Killing of micro-organism

If you look at the science behind pressure cooking, a lot of germs or microorganisms do not survive the process. That’s because food is cooked at a temperature above water’s normal boiling point. It, therefore, means that many of the micro-organisms in food that cause diseases are destroyed.

Preserves nutrients

Pressure cooking generally preserves nutrients because food is cooked for a shorter duration. This method of cooking also ensures that foods retain their natural colors and flavors. Most of the nutrients are trapped within the pressure cooker in the form of steam.

When you let it cool naturally, the steam will condense and with it let the vaporized nutrients back into your meal. It is for this reason that people are advised to eat steamed vegetables as opposed to boiled.

Legumes and grains are easier to digest and are more nutritious

Phytic acid contained in grains and legumes is greatly reduced through pressure cooking than by conventional cooking methods. This acid represents a very serious problem in our diets because it affects mineral absorption. It inhibits the absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc, causing mineral deficiencies in individuals. Reducing the amount of phytic acid makes food more nutritious and easily digestible. You may be better off cooking your soaked beans or grains through pressure cooking instead of the traditional cooking methods.

Stops formation of carcinogenic compounds

Is Pressure Cooker Made Meal Healthy

Cooking some varieties of food like potatoes at very high temperatures results into the formation of some carcinogenic compounds. If you didn’t know, these compounds are capable of causing cancer.

The treatment costs for the different types of cancer are just too high, which makes prevention a priority. The steam trapped in a pressure cooker inhibits the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Most dry cooking methods like grilling, roasting and deep-frying are therefore unhealthy.

The particular type of food that you eat affects your health in several ways. Different types of foods have varied nutritional values and benefit the body in different ways. It’s the reason why some types of foods are categorized as healthy and others as unhealthy.

However, the mode of food preparation also affects the nutritional value of any given meal. In order to stay healthy, you must also eat healthy. That calls for focusing on quality instead of quantity, which involves the manner in which you cook your food.

As has been observed, and contrary to most views held by people with misconceptions about pressure cooking, it is actually a healthy way to prepare your meals.

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