The Best Stunning Sports Cars of 2013


Each year, sports car manufacturers come up with great models that can be quite stunning. However, there are always those that are stunning compared to the rest. The year 2013 was no different. Manufacturers did their best to come up with some amazing machines to satisfy their customer base. However, there were those that clearly stood out from the crowd.

Marussia B1

The Best Stunning Sports Cars of 2013This car also marked the first time manufacturers in Russia produced a sports car built in-house. The B1 was not a disappointed. In fact, it was quite impressive. The vehicle is definitely a beauty to behold. The car is a semi-monocoque design. It is fast and quite light.

It is the perfect combination of a sports car. This is one of the most aerodynamically sound sports cars of 2013. A V6 engine powers it. The turbo engine has a 2.8-liter capacity. The engine has 240 hp. It can peak from zero to a hundred km/h in less than 3.8 seconds.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro V-6

The Best Stunning Sports Cars of 2013This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sports cars of 2013. In addition, the specs under the hood are quite impressive. A big pull of the Chevy is the V6 engine, which is capable of 323 hp. This was previously only possible with the use of V8 engines.

However, this engine also has better fuel economy that is normally associated with four-cylinder engines. The interior design is also quite impressive this Chevy Camaro features some leather and an impressive sound system. The car has a very muscular feel to it. Besides that, this vehicle has one of the highest resale values of all sports cars.

2013 Ford Mustang

The Best Stunning Sports Cars of 2013This another fine piece of engineering powered by a V6 engine. The 2013 Ford Mustang also features a six-speed manual transmission for all variants. The Mustang has one of the highest fuel economies of 29 mpg on highways. This is better than any other sports car in its class. The users of this beast have also noted that it is more nimble on fast turns. This sports car comes with leather seats and a spacious interior. It is definitely one of the finest vehicles of 2013.

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

The Best Stunning Sports Cars of 2013

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is currently the title holder for the fastest road-legal vehicle. It is able to achieve performance combined with beautiful elegance. Bugatti has kept the tradition of using patterns for their roadsters on this vehicle.

The car has two colors on it; black and red. This makes it irresistible for any serious sports car lover. The sports car feature features some serious muscle. It has a W16 engine, which has 1200 hp. The car can achieve speeds of up to 255 mph. However, the manufacturer has seen it fit to limit this to 23 mph for safety reasons. The Vitesse can jump from zero to a hundred km/h in about 2.6 seconds.


These are undoubtedly some of the finest sports cars of 2013. They deliver awesome performance and are quite a remarkable sight. If anyone is looking to purchase a 2013 sports model, these ones will be worth checking out.

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