Top 10 Outdoor Gadgets That Are Substantial


It is common for people to go out fishing accompanied by friends or family members. This is because going fishing is important to most individuals and is an ideal recreational activity. In this light, it is important to learn about some outdoor fishing gargets that may come in handy during a fishing day out. Gone are the days when anglers would beat about waters aimlessly looking for fish as you can now rely on a fish finder to help you out. There are some great ones out there that you can take a closer look at that offer great value. The popular Humminbird 597 is one of those that has been getting plaudits from fish finder reviewers and some claim that it is perfect for those who want to fish in shallow waters. If you want to learn more about fish finders then read on as here are top 10 outdoor gadgets that can prove to be substantial during a fishing day out.

Portable deeper fish finder

Top 10 Outdoor Gadgets That Are SubstantialThis is a smart and portable device that connects to the Smartphone of the user using Bluetooth. It shows fish information, water temperature, the pond bed and many other uses. This gadget is in a position to work perfectly in depths of approximately 130 feet.

Pocket fishing rod

This gadget is manufactured using alloys of magnesium. For portability, it can measure 20 cm and can reach 14cm when extended.

Magellan 510 Pro eXplorist angler

The Magellan GPS is equipped with information of approximately 400 lakes, fishing hotspots and waterways. The GPS is equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone to allow the creation of adventures.

Guppie CRKT multi tool

Top 10 Outdoor Gadgets That Are Substantial

This is a handheld multi tool that features a high stainless carbon steel blade with an adjustable wrench and a removable bit carrier that is magnet secured. Others may also be equipped with light, multi-use money clip and a bit driver.

Dakota angler watches II

This gadget features stainless steel nippers, hooks sharpener, a bright micro light, a compass and a temperature meter.

The wide GoBe+700 flashlight

This gadget serves a crucial role in taking photos or videos, open areas exploration and base camp illumination. It weighs 160 grams only, has 5 power modes, USB rechargeable, 54 hours run time and waterproof to around 120 meters.

The 4500 kestrel weather meter

This is a pocket weather meter that is rich in features. Some of its features are able to provide parameters ranging from barometric pressure to temperature, wind chill, dew point among many others. It is equipped with a Bluetooth technology allowing users communicate wirelessly, log and transmit their data automatically.

The hummingbird 798c

Top 10 Outdoor Gadgets That Are Substantial

This product NVB SI Combo 798c hummingbird features resolutions of up to 640x640H and 5” display. DualBeam PLUS sonar and Side Imaging with approximately 4000 watts of PTP power output, advanced fishing objects and GPS Chart plotting capabilities.

Current temperature fishpond swift meter

This gadget measures water temperatures ranging from around 20 to 120 Fahrenheit degrees or from around 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. Because temperature fluctuations inside waters can affect fish behaviors, it is an added advantage to know the exact water temperature.

The SATcase

This is just a rugged case that is capable of transforming an Android Smartphone to function as a satellite phone. An angler needs to just install the SATcase app on their device apart from the satellite airtime contract in order for them to use it anywhere. In addition, it has a beacon 406.


These gadgets will ensure effective fishing and wonderful experiences as well. Most anglers would think that they don’t need these gadgets now but once they start using them and get used, they wouldn’t imagine how fishing would be without them.

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