Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas US

Over the years, there have been a rise first-person shooting games, but the most obvious drawback is the fact that it prevents from being active. This is where paintball serves as a splendid alternative allows players to feel like they are actually a part of a first-person shooting game, doing the shooting themselves. You will of course have to be equipped with right gear to play and have a good paintball gun if want to enjoy the game to the fullest and you can learn more about the equipment at this paintball guide. Now paintball is even recognized as one of the favorite sports and those in Texas who wish to indulge in this sport may visit any of the following arenas.

1. Lost Paintball

Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas USThis outdoor paintball field is ideally located so that people living or visiting in San Marcos, Texas may conveniently access it. A large wooded area serves as the location of this paintball field, which consists of a wide range of challenging and fun courses that feature plenty of covers made up of recycled planks and trees. The field even has several air ball paintball bunkers and a covered safety area that is excellent for parties and snacking.

2. Xtreme Paintball

Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas USXtreme Paintball has made a dedication to providing enthusiasts the most unmatched and unparalleled paintball experience. They assure visitors that they will be able to make the most of their playing time. Anyone, particularly in Central Austin, can visit Xtreme Paintball quite conveniently since it is just 14.7 miles away. Combat veterans helped assemble their fields, which are filled with lots of unique obstacles for both defensive and offensive playing.

3. Austin Paintball

Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas USThis outstanding paintball facility is located in Dripping Springs, which is at a distance of mere 20 minutes from Austin in the South West. Five different fields are featured at Austin Paintball where various forms of paintball can be experienced and played, and enthusiasts of all ages and groups can be accommodated there. Features of this paintball facility include catwalks, crates & barrels, spools, tires, and much more.

4. Outlaw Paintball

Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas USOutlaw Paintball offer not one but four different spectacular paintball fields for everyone residing in Austin. They even have two covered staging areas, where players arrive when they need a break from all the paintball playing. Even drinks and snacks can be purchased there while there is also an indoor party room. The four different fields that are available include Airball, Fort Field, Hyperball, and Spools.

5. Leander Paintball Alliance

Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas USLeander Paintball Alliance simply offers a place where people can bring their own paint and start playing paintball right away. Those who arrive at Leander Paintball Alliance will soon come across other friendly players of all levels and play skills who are quite enthusiastic about the game. The private land where Leander Paintball Alliance is situated offers open spaces, speedball courts, trails, and vast heavily wooded areas. They even provide free CO2 refills.

6. Stunt Ranch

Top 6 Arenas to Play Paintball In Texas USThis southwest Austin-based event center, which has even been featured in CNN, covers an area of 22 acres, where exhilarating experienced can be enjoyed by paintball enthusiasts of all ages. In fact, paintball is merely one of the various activities that they offer, which even include Action Hero Training and Pyrotechnic Demonstrations. Perhaps a unique thing about Stunt Ranch is that they have War style paintball areas.


Paintball may not seem like a sport but it takes a lot of skill to play the game and the above arenas and facilities provide players in Texas with an opportunity to bring out their best paintball skills.

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